Learning at Home

Ideas to Work with your Children at Home

The following is a list of ideas that families can do at home to benefit their child's learning:

  • Read together everyday
  • Talk positively about school
  • Ask your child about their school day
  • Take your child to local museums and galleries
  • Go on a nature walk or on a night walk
  • Memorize poems and songs
  • Watch educational programs on tv
  • Research different countries - choose a new country every month
  • Build things together
  • Follow recipes and make meals together
  • Tell them stories
  • Ask them to help figure out problems
  • Be active
  • Make sure they get adequate sleep and rest
  • Go to the public library
  • Be creative - draw pictures, paint, do puzzles, make crafts
  • Set limits for tv watching or computer use
  • Plan homework times
  • Play together

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