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Report Card/Progress Changes

Hello parents!

We are contacting you today to let you know that you will see some changes this year in terms of how we report your child’s progress.

Fort Vermilion School Division is moving Kindergarten to Grade 6 reporting periods from four times a year to three times a year.

The new dates that report cards will be sent home are:

November 29;

March 12; and

June 29

The reason for the change is to allow our educators more time to consider the real growth that happens in young minds from Kindergarten to Grade 6. By lengthening the reporting periods, your child’s teacher will be able to provide you with a clearer picture of your child’s progress!

And in order to better facilitate parents’ involvement in their child’s learning, we are putting a real emphasis on our educators making contact with you in order to discuss your child’s report card.

We want to talk to you about how your child is doing in school, and how we can be partners in supporting your child’s education journey. One of the priorities at Fort Vermilion School Division is connectivity!

Thank you for taking some time to hear from us today, and hopefully we will be speaking with you soon!

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