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PAX means: Peace, Productivity, Health, and Happiness.
A PAX student is:  Respectful  Responsible  Safe
St. Mary’s has used PAX for the past 4 years. PAX provides strategies to learn and function in a classroom environment, learn how to become more aware of other people’s behaviors, and learn how to control personal impulses and behaviors. The games can be played during and in between instructional activities.St. Mary’s uses PAX as our school-wide behavior program.

Spleems are inappropriate behaviors for that time or location. For example, running in the classroom is a spleem, but running on the school yard during recess is acceptable. Talking in a normal voice during a group discussion is acceptable, but talking in a normal voice during a test or silent reading is a spleem. 

Tootles are notes to others, acknowledging something positive. Staff and students can write Tootles to each other. We want students to notice positive behaviors in others. We have PAX pockets for all students in grades 2 to 6 on a hall bulletin board, so students’ Tootles can be stored there. K-1 students have pockets in their classroom and receive tootle sticks for good behavior along with verbal praise. Teachers draw names for daily PAX prizes. We have seen a remarkable improvement in student behaviors and self-control.from using this approach.

You can read more about PAX on the following website:

Bonnie Hunley
St. Mary's Elementary School

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